The Power of the Grace of God

Things that you will not ordinarily be able to achieve, with the blessing of God on you it will be accomplished.
The key is honouring God with your life. He will direct your steps, lead you to the right place where you should be and everything begins to fall in place for you. He will arrange people and places in advance that will make this happen.
You may wander for so long with your strength but all you need is to allow the Holy Ghost to lead you and you will receive the Grace to do all things.

If you don’t have Jesus, you have nothing!
If you don’t have Jesus, you have nothing!
If you have Jesus, You have everything
If you have Jesus, You have everything

I had nothing but heartache and trouble
I had nothing but doubts and confusion
But now I have everything
I have everything that I need to be happy
I have Jesus and He is the perfect Way
He has saved me, and He gave me life eternal
He gave me the Grace to overcome everything
He gave me Grace to overcome sin
I now have power to soar like an eagle far higher than any evil

Surely, I have everything
I was making big plans for my future
I had lived all my life in vain
Seeking irrelevant things
Then I prayed for life’s only meaning
And He came into my life to give me the true meaning of life
And now I have everything
Surely, I have everything
In Jesus I have everything

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